21 Things to know before moving to St Augustine

21.  Southern Hospitality; grocery store interactions vs deli

20. Spanish town with architecture dating back to the colonial quarter;  Henry Flagler created a hotel downtown which eventually turned into flagler college

19.  Geographical location; St. Augustine is between Atlantic Ocean and St Johns River;

18.  You can still get a good bagel;  PH is changed in most bagel shops to replicate water in NY

17.  Football; high school, college, NFL.  People love football.  Jags are not doing to well but we still have brady over at Tampa Bay

16.  Traffic;  Comparatively to NYC its great, to Jacksonville its good.

15. Best Schools in Florida; School district is #1 in the state

14. Live music scene; Sing out loud festival.  Amp; Colonial quarter;

13. Dogs are allowed on the beach and you can also drive as well

12.  30 mins from Jacksonville; 45 mins to Daytona; 2 Hours to Orlando

11.  Wildlife;  The natural beauty is great.  From the dolphins, manatees and birds to the gators, snakes and bugs

10.  No Inspections on vehicles; you can turn right on red; move over or slow down 20+ mph

9.  Festivals throughout the year

8.  Fresh local Seafood!

7.  No State Income Tax

6.  Weather – Humidity & Hurricanes

5.  Housing Prices Compared to other metros

4. St Augustine loves their police

3.  Tourism

2.  Awards for spirits and food

1.  People Love Living here


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