Living in NYC vs. St Augustine

If you are moving from New York and relocating to St. Augustine this is the video that will tell you all the differences in life from the New York City to the Oldest City. We are going to cover the Top 3 Differences between New York and Florida.

Bagels and Delis – You can still get a good bagel; We have a ton of transplant New Yorkers Here and they have opened bagel shops. They actually match the ph of the water to match that of NY’s water.

My favorite is Everything Bagel

Pizza – I know pizza. My fiance is from NJ and I was born in Brooklyn. My go to spot is Carmelos Pizzeria; which consistently wins best pizza in St. Augustine. Though Pizza Time on St. George St has been previously rated #2 pizza in the United States by Trip Advisor. One special note if you go to Pizza time bring cash because it is cash only.

My favorite is Violas on the Beach


St Augustine airport just restarted commercial flights from Newark to St. Augustine one way for $129. That gives you the ability to go back home and visit family or have them come down and visit without even leaving town.

Jacksonville is an hour away and Daytona airport is an hour away, Orlando is 2 hours away. Orlando and Jacksonville are both international airports so you can travel anywhere you would at JFK or laguardia.

Public transportation is pretty much non existent and everyone drives a car. If you are driving 40 minutes you are going 40 miles.

Walkability – Unless you live in Downtown St Augustine walking places is really out of the question.

Cost of Living

Property Tax – In General is lower; though we also have the Homestead Exemption which can qualify you for up to 50k off your taxable value. NYC Property tax is just under 1%. Here in St Augustine we have an average property tax of 1.22%. If you are interested there is also a property tax estimator through the county; this varies by location.

Average sale price 773k with an average price per sq ft at $910.

In St augustine our average sale price is around 400k. Averaging somewhere between $200-300/sq ft.

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Living in St Augustine

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