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Living in Palm Coast Florida 2022

Living in Palm Coast Florida 2022 – [21 Things to Know BEFORE moving to Palm Coast]

Moving/relocating to Palm Coast can be a daunting task. There are many things homeowners do not figure out until they have lived in Palm Coast for some time. I am going to cover 21 things you need to know about living in Palm Coast.

21. Property value – in 32137 the average sale price of a home between 1800-2200 sq ft was around 400k. If you compare that to St. Augustine you are going to spend about $100,000 more for a 30-40 minute distance.

20. Night Life – There is not much nightlife aside from European Village. Or a pool hall. My buddy got married down there and spent the weekend at a resort. The night before the wedding we went to a pool hall and had some beers.

19. Geographical Location – NE Florida.

18. Walking and Biking trails – Its kind of what Palm Coast is known for. They have Biking and Walking trails throughout Palm Coast for you to access. I Mt Bike at Mala Compra.

17. No State Income Tax

16. Lift Station – Think of this as a service that you pay for in your property taxes. Most properties have an individual lift station for that home. The lift station grinds up stuff before it heads to the main sewer system. If your personal lift station were to break, it is the countys responsibility.

15. Development – DR Horton, KB Homes, Bluewater, Maronda, Holiday. They are building homes all over. Whether that is on empty lots or HOA’s. Palm Coasts landscape is changing

14. Traffic – Not bad comparatively to neighboring cities. Though compared to what it was traffic is way worse. There are only a couple chokepoints for traffic that really hold you back. You can also navigate pretty good between the neighborhoods

13. Restaurants – Their restaurant scene is growing, but you will not find many fine dining establishments in the area. There are plenty of chain restaurants.

12. Local Ordinances – You cant park on the street or on your own grass. You have to keep your grass and hedges trimmed. You cannot park a boat in front of your home even if you are not in an HOA.

11. Hammock Beach – Resort Like Community that lines the Ocean and Intracoastal Neighborhood. Access to tons of amenities and services. Great place to vacation

10. Neighborhood Sections – p section, B section, C Section

9. Many areas were Golf Courses – Arnold Palmer and Jack Nicholas designed many of the golf courses in the area. Sadly many of the them have been out of operation. Luckily for the people who bought adjacent to this property, they have acres of green space.

8. Proximity to different cities – 30-40 mins to St. Augustine; 30-40 Mins to Daytona; 30-40 Mins to Flagler Beach. 1.5-2 hours to Orlando. 1-1.5 Hours to Jacksonville.

7. Wildlife – Plenty of creeks and rivers to explore. Marineland. Washington State Oaks Park. Beach

6. Fresh Local Seafood – Anywhere you go

5. Access/Lack of Access to beaches – if you live on the east side of 95 getting to the beach is not much of a problem; depending where you live. There is a toll at one section; and really only 2 roads that drive east and west for the residents to access.

4. Beaches are dog friendly; though most of them have coquina rocks and tide pools

3. Plenty of opportunity to live beach side or intracoastal for much less than St. Augustine

2. Healthcare – Building another advent health which is the main employer in Palm Coast as well as the healthcare provider for Disney

1. Weather – Tropical Weather. Can be scorching hot during summer. Highs in the 90s. Winter is going to be mild. Lows in the 40s.

The Locals Email About Everything St Augustine

Sent twice a week, this 5 minute email will give you all the insights on news, events and the real estate market

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