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Moving to St Augustine Florida – [Your Questions Answered]

Moving to St Augustine Florida – [Your Questions Answered]

Moving to a new city brings up a lot of questions; especially if you have never been there before. I am going to cover all the questions I have been asked on Youtube in regards to moving to St. Augustine.

1. When we see the builders prices on Zillow does that include the land and associated costs with permits etc? Thanks

That is going to be different for every HOA community. So I need to know specifically which community. There are some communities that bundle everything in the price. While others everything is separate.

2. You keep stating the HOAs as per year. Don’t you mean per month. Also what does that include? Lawn care? Are these golf cart friendly ?

There are HOA communities that have annual payments as well as monthly. Though we also have CDD communities; which is a Community Development District. The CDD is paid annually along with your taxes.

3 Thanks for the info. How about the areas SW of Saint Augustine?

This is going to be Palm Coast, Palatka, Hastings.

4. St Augustine looks amazing. I would love to have more information about that nice mountain bike trail. Thanks for sharing this information.

I frequent Mala Campra Trail. It is right across from Bings Landing and that is also where you can park if you are looking to hit the trails. There is also Grahams swamp trail which is another great trail in the area. There are trailheads where you can park off of Old Kings Rd S. Unfortunately there are not any mountain bike trails I know of in St. Augustine City. There are others in Ponte Vedra; though none that I know of within 20 mins.

5. Any chance of having a video comparison of Jacksonville vs. Tampa pros and cons?

I am coming up with a Living in St. Augustine Vs. Jacksonville video. Jacksonville is a growing metropolitan City within Duval county. It is the county directly North from us. A lot of people work in Jax and live in St. Augustine. Largest City Geographically. Growing. Average sale price almost 400k.

6 Does it feel cooler around jacksonville then orlando or down south. I’m reading that area around Jacksonville feels like it has a 3rd season lol

We are about 2 hours north of Orlando. The weather is pretty similar and the difference is going to be negligible. Though we do on average see a 5degree difference in coldest average temp during winter.

7. Can you share some information about the cost of utilities? Is it common for home owners to invest in solar panels for their home? We own an insulation business in California. Do you think there’s a need for home energy efficiency?

I pay about $150/ mo for a 1200 sq ft townhome. In the summer it can be more expensive when you have the ac running 24/7. I keep my house at 76 during the day and when I sleep 72. I see more and more solar panels going up. People use them for their electricity and I see a lot of solar heating for pools.

8. Thanks for the info! Do you group St. Augustine South with St Augustine Shores? Or are they totally different? Where would you personally rank SHores if it made the list?

St. Augustine South ranks #8 on the list by and St Augustine Shores Ranks #12. They are different by home size and style as well as HOA. St. Augustine South has no HOA and most of the homes sit on about .1-.25 of an acre. St. Augustine Shores is an HOA community ($30/mo). They have new construction homes/townhomes in the community.

9. I am on my way, marine street here I come. Hey, why don’t you mention the city of Palm Coast it’s only 45 minutes and many many people from NYC and Jersey live there

Most of the homes are 3bed/2ba homes above 1750 sq ft with a 2 car garage. Sitting on a 80 x 125 Lot. There are some restrictions living there.

10. do you think it’s more residential in the area between St Augustine and Palm Coast?

This is a great little pocket of homes right next to Sea Colony which is in Palm Coast. They have no HOA; Beach access and dirt roads

11. For years I’ve questioned TripAdvisor’s claim about Pizza Time, and my question is, with the hundreds and probably thousands of Italian-run pizza joints all across the Mid-Atlantic States from New York to Sandusky and hundreds of cities and towns in between, how in the world could Pizza Time be #2? It’s really a laughable assertion.

I have had their pizza and I think it is great NY style pizza. The slice they are known for is the grandma slice. CAsh Only

12. When you have time, could you please make a video about all zip codes belong to St. Augustine, FL so that viewers can easily recognize the area (Where the zip code area is, the neighborhoods, etc…) on the map of St. Augustine? Thanks so much for your effort!

The main zip codes surrounding St. Augustine are 32080, 32086,32084,32095

13. Thanks for the very helpful video. I just started looking at this area. We are also from NY and lived here all our lives. Is this a safe area?

I legally cant tell you if an area is bad or good; if you are looking for that information reach out to me directly and I can send you to the place you can look!

14. Thanks for the video! So much useful information!Posting my questions separate from the other comment 😅 Yikes… I didnt know you could drive ON the beach sand there. Are there safe areas to lay out and play with children on the beach where NO vehicles are allowed?

There is a designated area to layout and park cars. Though there are areas that have no cars.

15. I’m moving there with my toddler soon and I’m so excited! I envision taking a wagon from the house to nearby playgrounds, family friendly festivals, movie nights in the park… Things like that. Any specific areas that offer that?

St Augustine Beach does that all summer and most communities in the area have their own thing as well.

16. I also love tree-lined neighborhoods too. It’s near the top of my list of things I want. Does that exist anywhere there? Lastly any tips for the best family-friendly neighborhoods. (Ie anywhere outside of the main city? South, inland, north?)

That really depends on what you are looking for in terms of your personal family. Do you want to take walks to the beach? Or do you want you kids to ride around on golf carts to the amenity center?

17. How are you not wanting to Zipline over alligators???

I dont want to die.

The Locals Email About Everything St Augustine

Sent twice a week, this 5 minute email will give you all the insights on news, events and the real estate market

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