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Relocating to St Augustine FL – [6 Steps to Make It Easy]

1. Reach out to us!  Moving to St. Augustine can be a process with todays current market.
Most of the people that we talk to are relocating to St Augustine FL and they are not moving right now.  Most people are planning their relocation some time in advance.  Maybe this is because you are retiring. maybe you want to move here for the School District.  Maybe you just love the beach.  Having an expert Realtor in St. Augustine that knows what you are looking for can take away a lot of the stress in the home buying process.  Choosing an agent is not difficult; 85% of buyers work with the first agent they speak to.  As long as you have someone you know and you trust I would keep the relationship.

2.  Whats Most Important about your move?  People move for a variety of reasons.  Some want to move because they have family in the area, some want to move because they hate where they moved from.  If you are moving to St. Augustine you want to know what living in St Augustine is like.  (Shout out to Living in St Augustine)

– Do you want to walk you dog on the beach every morning?

– Are you looking for a community with a lap pool?

– Do you need to be close from work or do you need an office to work from home?

3.  Building the custom home search.  This is something we can constantly tweak if you do not know what you want.  I and every realtor on the face of the earth can do this.  Though it is the constant communication over an extended period of time about certain properties that helps paint the picture of what you are looking for.  I have someone who reached out to me because they saw me on youtube and they are looking for their parents.  We looked at a few homes over the span of a week and ended up hyper focusing on one specific community because the most important thing was the distance from each other.

4.  Setting up your tour dates; Give me a heads up and I will meet you when you get here.  Often times people want to schedule weeks in advance.  In our market it is just not possible.  Days on market is 31 days.  The best homes are selling in the first day and our market is selling on average at 102%.  The home I scheduled an hour ago just went under contract.  Its not a fun market, though we can navigate it.

5.  How are you paying for the home?  If you are looking to do financing have you spoken to a lender?  If cash, do you have the funds liquid?  People tend to put this off until they find the home.  DO NOT BE PEOPLE.  Talk to your trusted experts and get a plan in place.  Especially in our market.  You can’t decide to just look at it later.

6.  Manage the Process.  How does this happen if I am not in the state.  Well typically we do virtual tours for our people relocating.  We suggest putting an offer in on a property and getting an accepted contract.  From that point we have a 10 day inspection contingency.  You can leave for whatever reason you want within this 10 day period, no money out of pocket; except for a possible inspection cost.  During this time we recommend the buyer to come down for the inspection; meet with the inspector and go over the home and report.

The Locals Email About Everything St Augustine

Sent twice a week, this 5 minute email will give you all the insights on news, events and the real estate market

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